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We believe that yoga and meditation are the keys to living a healthy, happy and purposeful life

At Jarosa Yoga, we understand the challenge of finding physical and mindful balance in a crazy and busy world. That is why we have created a calm and supportive space where you can unplug and focus on finding peace and presence, however and wherever you choose to engage. We offer a unique array of practices for all ages and abilities. Whether you are a first time student or an experienced yogi, Jarosa is the perfect place to strengthen, tone and create flexibility in your body and mind.

discover your best self

The Jarosa Circle is designed to help you build a steady yoga and meditation practice through LIVE and recorded classes with community support.  Emphasis is on reducing physical and mental stress while building strength and confidence with ease through...


The Jarosa Circle is built with you in mind, and includes:


Through this membership, you’ll…

  • Gain greater strength and balance in body
  • Practice tools to help you through your day in a more mindful way
  • Learn how to transform the stories of the mind

…so that you can move past the fears that hold you back and create more inner peace, resilience and enjoyment in life, all the while supported by an amazing community of like minded women.


A Jarosa membership is built with you in mind and includes:

  • 3 Live Vinyasa yoga classes per week*
  • 2 Live meditation classes per week*
  • All above classes will be recorded and available on demand
  • Private Community Board
  • Reduced rate to future Challenges/Immersions
  • Jarosa Book Club

The Jarosa Circle consists of a 6-week Challenge with a fee of $XXX. Our next challenge begins in May.

We also provide a monthly membership in order to continue your engagement beyond the Challenge. The cost is $74/month.

*No LIVE classes on school holidays. There will also be no LIVE classes for the month of August. There will be content made available in the library and continuous community engagement to support you with a steady practice at this quieter time.

A private yoga class can connect you to your practice like no other, offering one-on one refinement and adjustment to get the most out of every pose and breath.
See the descriptions below and schedule a session today.

Private yoga classes offer a personal touch to your practice experience. Whether you are new to yoga or want to refine your practice, a private session will offer you individual guidance, direction and support. We offer instruction in all aspects of the practice—from breath work to strengthening to flexibility. Our team of talented, adaptive and well-trained teachers can offer individualized instruction that works for you.


A private restorative yoga session is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. During long holds of restorative yoga your muscles are allowed to relax deeply with props supporting your body. Our private restorative sessions are all about the mellow, making them a good complement to more active practices and an excellent antidote to stress.

cost per session: $125


Join us for a special event or limited program and learn what makes us THE Yoga Experience!


edel keane

Edel’s mission is not only to nourish the body, but the mind and spirit.

As a mom of three and former investment banker on Wall Street, Edel is familiar with the complexities and expectations that come with this lifestyle. Edel integrates these learnings in her teaching and provides a safe place for people to let go and just BE.

Edel’s program builds strength, flexibility and balance through stability. She believes in creating a space to discover the truth in transition and a sense of lightness that many seek in their practice. Edel believes that a large part of yoga is going behind the illusions we create and examining our internal conversations to simply find gratitude and love for ourselves. She designs classes with purpose and offers a gift to students of every level.

With a mind full of curiosity for the non-tangible realms in life, Edel is continuously studying, learning, exploring and sharing her findings in her teaching and with those she encounters in the world around her.

200-hour PRANOTTHAN teacher training, a yoga steeped in the Kripalu lineage

200-hour training
in Kundalini yoga

300-hour advanced training with Laughing Lotus in NYC

Baptiste Power Yoga
 Certified Instructor